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Everyone Poops

“Last year at Google, Sergey came and sat down next to me at lunch”

“What did you talk to him about?”

“I didn’t say anything to him. I didn’t know what to talk to him about and I was scared!”

I had this conversation with a friend of mine a few weeks ago. He was an intern at Google last year and gave up the opportunity to talk to Sergey because of his fear of seeming unknowledgeable because of his lack of prepared conversation. Don’t ever let these opportunities slip by.

This is one skill that I’ve come to realize is invaluable, the ability to always have an idea to pitch, no matter what the situation. For example, the other day, I went to the pitch night hosted by Google which had Kevin Rose as one of the judges.

Kevin Rose

I noticed that once the event was over, most of the audience left the room or mobbed Kevin, asking for a photograph or a signature. I saw many squandering a valuable...

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Interface Design with a Homeless Person

Earlier today I stopped by Square’s office to pick up my bike. When came in I saw a book on the work of Dieter Rams laying next to the front desk. I sat down to skim through the pages and was reminded of the recent feature of Jack Dorsey by Wired. In the interview Jack speaks of the concept of wabi-sabi, the Japanese concept that beauty is found in age and imperfection.

I had always seen the couch in the Square lobby and had always wondered why an old-worn out piece of furniture had been so juxtaposed with the pure white ultra-modern entrance.

Old couch

I took a quick picture and hopped on my bike to head home for the evening. About halfway into my ride, as I was stopped at a red light, I heard what sounded like a gunshot and immediately realized that my back tire had popped. I sat down to fix my first flat tire since I had moved to San Francisco and found that my hand-pump was made for a...

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